How to Give a Wedding Toast

“For the next 40 years people are going to look back at that speech and be like ‘you know what, that guy is cool’ or you’re going to start off and be like ‘that guy is kinda a loser.”


♥ Follow Their Love ♥ Ep. 1

Follow couple Marcus & Nicole Mayo as they journeyed around New York for there engagement shoot. Enjoy the beautiful photos & trailer that shows them tie the knot.



Telling The Story

WE ARE STORYTELLERS! For some our film and photo shoots, the folks at Nieubreed take the time to imagine, write and produce a story-line that emboldens our couples personalities and lifestyle.

Here is an example of our pre-production process:

SCENE I – The Arrival
This is a story of Torian and Chriny, a modern couple who love bucolic settings and the finer things in life .

We first meet Torian as he is driving along in his Mini-cooper to Chriny’s fall retreat upstate. The retreat, nestled on a 10 acre wooded plot, is a wonderful respite from the crowded and busy streets of the city. Chriny, a beautiful and elegant young lady, while awaiting for Torian’s arrival, is getting ready in her room.

The room, a well lit spacious room with dark brown wood moldings, is Chriny’s personal space… a palace within a palace. As she prepares to meet her man, she calls attention subtly to her best features. She adorns herself with the earrings that at first glance, don’t have much monetary value. But these particular earrings, her father gave to her… these are her favorite earrings.

Torian parks his car along the driveway. Knowing that Chriny’s room faces the drive-way, he  looks up to the second story bay-windows. He catches a glimpse of her. His eyes widen and makes strides towards the front door. Chriny meets him at the door with a smiling gaze… a gaze that could melt any mans heart. They embrace and gently kiss, but linger not in that moment of passion.

SCENE II – Brunch

Brunch is served in the sun-room of the fall retreat. The room acts as a corridor to the west wing of the house. The walls are lined with paned glass to capture the light. The environment is filled with an assortment of pottery and plant life. Placed in the middle of the room is a clothed table set with fine china. Each cup, plate and utensil is meticulously placed… presentation is a part of the meal experience.

In slow motion we see the young couple  walk into the sun-room. Torian, like the gentleman he is seats, Chriny. As he sits down, Chriny stares at him. Her eyes tell of the love that she has for this man. In her mind, she is thinking of the time spent and the time they will spend and grow together. She can’t wait.

Chriny has prepared a light brunch for her-husband-to-be. On the menu, Mimosas, croissants, kiwi, and strawberries – a light fare to be had before they head out for an afternoon of sightseeing and shopping in the downtown district.

They eat together, stoic-looking yet relaxed. They talk about their week… work, friends, etc… We fully see Chriny’s Nora Plaid Dress from Rugby by Ralph Lauren. The outfit goes well with Torians crisp white oxford, he makes mention of not buttoning the top.

They enjoy their meal.
[camera zooms into both Torians and Chriny’s eyes]

[Camera zooms out with Torian and Chriny walking towards the car]

[Camera – Frontal wide angle shot of Torian and Chriny driving in the mini-cooper}

As they travel through the country roads in the mini-cooper, the reflection of the trees shedding their brown and reddish leaves becomes a constant moving picture on the windshield. This couple isn’t afraid of silence, but relish in each others presence.

SCENE – IV – Entering the city

The first stop is the shops at the historic center of town. The  cobble streets, architecture of the stores and design of the facade still maintain the colonial appearance it once had centuries ago. Torian and Chriny make their way into the shops, “candidly” perusing through the items for sale.  The joy emitted from Chriny when she is in the presence of Torian, fills him with exuberance. Torian is a banker; therefore, he has to be constantly attentive to the surroundings around him. When he is with Chriny, he can let loose, he can be himself.


Kayron & Mindy Engagement

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Mindy knows best.  She and Kayron shared a private meal prepared special for them at Tavolo Ristorante and Nieubreed was there to capture the moment.  Mimosas, mozzarella, pizza, and shrimp scampi, Mindy & Kayron lavished in it all. An engagement of love.


Amanda + Anthony Pacitto | Trailer

Nieubreed is excited to present 2011′s first wedding film trailer celebrating the union between Anthony & Amanda Pacitto.  The Nieubreed team had a blast working with the Heimbecker and Pacitto family on January 8, 2011.  It was a snowy day which made for some pretty amazing shots!  Take a look for yourselves…

Nieubreed™ – A Subsidiary of Affiliate Media LLC
Canon 5D Mark II at 30fps
Canon 7D Mark II at 30fps
Canon XHA1 1080i 60fps w/ BREVIS35 DOP
CINEVATE MOUNT & Zacuto Sniper & Glidecam HD-2000

Canon 15mm Fisheye, Canon 14L II, Canon 50 f/1.2L, Canon 85 f/1.2L II,
Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II, Canon 35 f/1.4L.

Edited on Final Cut Pro at 24p

Sound Track: Secretariat
Composer: Nick Glennie-Smith
Song Name: Theme